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Annabel Lee

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ill [30 Nov 2010|10:50pm]
I've really been wanting to write in this thing, but I'm having some hand/wrist/arm problems. Stupid...body.
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Another Update [19 Nov 2010|01:19am]
[ mood | calm ]

 I think I should use this thing more. I found it therapeutic when I used to use it all the time. Even if I knew no one was reading it, it helped getting everything out. It kind of forces you to think things through, I guess.

So the semester is almost over. I cannot wait. There is so much waiting ahead of me, and it's torture to sit and wait for it all! After the semester ends, there's Christmas (of course), then a few days after New Year's, my first internship starts. I'm not sure where I'm being placed, but I'm hoping it's in Alvin. It's an hour away, but I love it there. I kind of want to plant some roots there, and if I intern there, I might just might get hired there. Ben and I have talked about moving somewhere half way between Alvin and La Porte so it's easier to compute. It's just so beautiful there. People call it hickville or whatever, but I loved it. Ben and I are simple people and like the down-home vibe we get from Alvin.

After that, Ben's 26th birthday, then the wedding! I can't wait for the wedding! I can't believe it's almost been a year and a half since he proposed. It was hard, but I'm proud to say that we were engaged for that long. I always felt people doubted us because of our past, but I think we've more than proved ourselves to everyone that did doubt us. It's funny. I always knew we'd end up together. I don't know why it took us so long to do something about it. We wasted so much on other people.

The wedding planning is coming along well. We picked out our flavors and designed the cakes today. We're keeping the groom's cake a secret. It makes it more fun. Everyone expects a Texas flag or something. We're more creative than that! Ben's definitely not that simple. He's a complicated man and likes things to be amazing. I love that about him. He's so ambitious. All I really have left to do is deal with my appearance on the wedding day. It's weird because that's usually the first thing brides think about. "What am I going to do with my hair?" I'm dreading thinking about this, and I'm dreading going to get a trial done even more. I have a lady in mind, and I have her card. I've had it for 3 weeks now, but I can't bring myself to call her. I'll thought about it several times during my days, but I always tell myself I'll do it later...which I don't.

After the wedding, there's the wonderful Disneyworld. I don't know what it is about Disneyworld, but it's just magical. I guess all the Disney movies I watched as a little girl have affected me more than my mother will ever know. Everything there is perfect, everything is taken care of, and every single detail is filled with...wonderful. I'm so glad Ben loved it when we went. He can't wait to go back. I felt like I was being selfish when I came up with the grand idea to go back for our honeymoon, but he was just as pumped as I was. Honestly, I think he just enjoys me being so happy. I know, sounds conceited, but that's really how he is. Impossible, right? Nope! I have the most wonderful man in the world.

I guess that's enough for my first time back. I enjoyed this. I don't have much time to stop and think about anything besides school. It was nice to just reflect and be completely concentrated on my thoughts. I guess that's why so many people keep journals. Except everyone can read this...

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Happy birthday, baby! [05 Feb 2009|09:55pm]
I forgot about this thing again.

A lot is different than the last time I updated this thing.

No more Josue.

Lots of Ben.

Still at San Jac.

Delia is big.

Nanny for 2 kids in Clear Lake.

Cut my hair.

So today is Ben's birthday. It makes me sad that he had to work on his birthday, but no one gets off just for their birthday.

That's it for now.
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HEY MICHELLE MAZOCH [25 Mar 2008|10:49pm]

Remember that one time we were driving, and we made a stop at an ex-boyfriend of mine's house, and his crazy sister thought we were going to do something to her car and cornered us at the end of the street?

That was funny.

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[25 Mar 2008|12:59pm]
You know what I do when I feel down? I'm too blessed to be stressed, but when I feel down, I go and get my laugh on.
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[26 Feb 2008|11:22am]
 If scientists can come up with electronic contacts, that can give night vision and the ability to zoom, why can't they come up with a cure for cancer? Stop trying to invent new cool stuff when people are dying.

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Two Questions [25 Feb 2008|04:28pm]

Why does Harrison Ford need SIX airplanes?


Why does the Barbie company...whatever...keep coming out with dogs that poop and pee?

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[20 Feb 2008|07:44pm]
[ mood | confused ]

 I'm watching the season premiere of America's Next Top Model, and a woman said she was drinking her own breast milk. I know it's kind of natural...kind of, but it's a little gross at the same time.


Delia just attacked my computer.

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[12 Feb 2008|11:15am]
[ mood | drained ]

I'm in the Spanish lab. Quiero hablar español, pero es muy duro. I haven't been on here in a while. All I do these days is play with Delia. She's so awesome. Josue gets jealous because she always comes to me, and pretty much ignores him while I'm around, but that's only because I feed her, sleep with her, and spend all of my time with her.

Kristen's cousin, Jessica, was our waitress at the Texas Roadhouse. I seriously pulled out my phone to text Kristen, but oh yeah, she's like, a million miles away. I wanted to tell someone. I have no one. I told Josue, but I don't think he got it/felt it was neccesary to respond.

I need to print out my test review, but there's no paper. You know the part in Mrs. Doubtfire where they're watching TV, and there's an Asian guy molding a face, but he's basically smushing all the clay together? That's what my spanish teacher's nose looks like. It's really weird. I can't stop staring at it, and I had to sit in the front today, so I had to keep looking at my book.

I can't wait for Kristen to come home. I really miss her. Ashley called me yesterday, and we got to talk, but not for very long because she's not supposed to have a phone, but Daniel snuck one to her. Stupid girl. She said she could go to prison for having it. Idiot. But it was good to hear from her. She's in the...army hospital?...or whatever. She broke her hip a few days before her basic training was over, and they won't let her go until she's completely healed. When she gets out, her and Daniel are going to get an apartment in North/South Carolina. I can't remember which one. She told me that her dog got hit by a car. It's sad, but if you've ever met that dog, you won't be too upset. I know it sound awful, but he was the devil. He was so mean.

We started a bible study at Josue's house, but I can't go because his mom just found out we were dating, and said it was best if Josue didn't bring me to the house, so I babysat while they had the bible study. We're going to have it at my house next month so I can go. That's so mean. "I don't like you so much, you can't come over to my house, even to learn about Jesus." I'm used to it though. I just hope she doesn't hate me when we get married. It would suck if his family didn't come to our wedding. Ugh. Makes me mad just thinking about it.

Kristen: I tried to explain the Homestar Runner episode where Strong Bad is the creepy old guy, and Homestar says he smells like pea soup to Josue, but he didn't think it was funny. It made me miss you even more, because me and you think it's hilarious. We have the same sense of humor. Well, we used to. I hope we still think the same things are funny. I hope we're friends when you get back. I have to admit, I'm jealous of Breanna. I know you say that we're best friends, but before you left, you didn't bother trying to hang out with me. You were only hanging out with her and Jacob. Which is fine, but I hope you want to hang out with me when you get back. I don't know. Whatever.

I haven't been hanging out with the Licon's as much. I just feel bad leaving Delia home by herself, and I just haven't had the energy to leave the house. I need to loose weight. I think I'd feel a lot better, and want to do more things. I've gained like, 25 pounds over the last 2 years, which sounds ok, but it doesn't feel ok. 

Anyways. That's enough. Have to go do my test review. Bye!

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Happy Valentine's Day to me! [29 Jan 2008|11:32pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

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So excited!! [29 Jan 2008|01:44am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

 Me and Josue are going to get a pug puppy. I can't wait. It's supposed to be a Valentine's Day present, but I'm already excited, and I don't think I can wait much longer.

I hope he's as awesome as this:

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It's my day on Yahoo! [28 Jan 2008|06:37pm]
[ mood | chipper ]


Pugs and English pop stars. 
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HEATH LEDGER DIED. [23 Jan 2008|12:39am]

I am NOT good with death. I'm in shock.  I can't believe it.

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Poor Lily Allen. [18 Jan 2008|12:59am]
[ mood | sad ]

Apparently, Lily Allen was pregnant, with some guy from the Chemical Brothers or something. Whatever. 

She had a miscarriage earlier today. Very sad. I feel sad now.

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[18 Jan 2008|12:36am]

That's been bugging me for a month now. Couldn't figure out where I saw her.

I know this isn't really important, but I feel like I've accomplished something.

Thanks for listening.
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At San Jac. Just saw Wesley David and his mom walk by. [17 Jan 2008|01:17pm]
Got the Kate Nash CD. Feist CD on the way. Exciting.
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[14 Jan 2008|01:00am]
Sorry I wasn't as much fun as she was.

And I wasn't judging you.
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Quote from Alton Brown...for me and Miranda. [10 Jan 2008|02:29am]
 "Cartilage and bones are NEVER a good thing...unless you're a rabid doxin."
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[04 Jan 2008|01:35pm]
I wish life were a musical. You can't be mad or sad when you're singing and dancing.
I wish teleporters were real, so we could go visit Kristen, and it not cost $1500.
I wish I was already out of college.
I wish downloading songs weren't illegal.
I wish it wasn't so expensive to send Kristen stuff in the mail.
I wish Josue was here already.
I wish I had the Kate Nash CD.
I wish my whole body didn't hurt when I work out.
I wish I wasn't babysitting some lady's kids tonight until 3am.
I wish Josue had the whole weekend off, not just Sundays.
I wish I was able to hang out with Lauren still.
I wish Wicked would come back into town.
I wish all of my clothes still fit. 
I wish I looked like I did in 10th grade, minus the braces.
I wish my hair was cut already.
I wish it wasn't so freaking cold outside.
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A small taste of the joy that is "Across the Universe." [03 Jan 2008|12:25am]
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